What is The MoneyCulture Initiative?

The MoneyCulture Initiative is a non profit that provides financial and investment education, information and investment advice  free to the general public.  We provide current investing and direction on financial strategies from 401k plans to speculating.

We pledge to utilize all available resources to further Financial Literacy across all demographics. We employ only the most up-to-date technology to create financial and investment literacy in the form of courses, articles, newsletters and research in the Cloud.  We access only the most respected experts in their respective fields to create a clearly understandable learning environment.  We are creating a Global Movement to educate and support all legitimate efforts to improve Financial Literacy.  We will be accessible in the Cloud 24/7 and will provide information that is easily understood at all levels.




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JOIN OUR MOVEMENT AND PLEASE HELP SUPPORT US WITH A DONATION!  We are a 501(c)-3 tax exempt organization.