The most important part of growing a charitable organization is aligning with those professionals and businesses who want to be perceived as having a similar focus in promoting the common good the charity promotes.

People trust their lawyers, accountants and should trust their financial advisors as well. We believe that by being associated with a public good like fostering an improvement in financial literacy significantly helps enhance that trust.

Our singular mission is to improve financial and investing knowledge. We create a continual flow of unbiased expertise about financial principles in seminars, public presentations, papers, articles, newsletters and online courses. We exist because of donations, so we are seeking to partner with professionals, organizations and individuals who will become Financial Literacy advocates by supporting us and our mission.

There are a lot of ways you can help:

• Write educational articles for us

• Create a course

• Help us exhibit at a conference

• Volunteer to mentor students

• Offer a few days out of your busy year to provide pro bono financial and investing advice to the general public during MoneyCulture’s financial literacy professional days.

• Redistribute our content

Your educational support is critical to our mission, and your financial assistance is very important to us. We help those who help us advance the improvement of financial literacy.

Thank you for your support.


 The MoneyCulture Initiative team

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