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Die Early

These days no one has enough money to retire.  Here we offer you some solutions to change that.

 1. The Problem: The Retirement Crisis

The Die Early text gives some alarming statistics about how unprepared we are financially to be able to retire comfortably. Along the way we explore some things you may be able to do to alleviate the crisis.

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The 100 Year Life Video Update 08/2017

The Problem

2.  Analyzing the Problem

Is it a “Boomer” retirement crisis, and is it too late to do anything about it? No and no.

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Analyzing the Problem

3.  Social Security

Is Social Security going bankrupt?  Why not?  The real facts–how it works.

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Social Security Crisis Video Update 08/2017

What About Social Security

Hartford Study on Social Security

Social Security Woes

4.  Who’s There to Help

There are 640,000 financial advisors out there willing to let you pay them to help you.  Who are they and what is their value?

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Who’s There to Help

Invest In Your Retirement

5.  Helpers

Warren Buffett talked about helpers and how they reduce your net investment value.  Meet the “Gotrocks.”

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It’s Never Too Late

6.  Conclusion – The Dos and Don’ts

Save, invest–start now.  The Dos and Don’ts.

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7.  Additional Resources

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