Our Goals and Mission Statement

Our goal is to reach, educate and inform American audiences small and large—from young people learning how to save for their first bicycle, to baby boomers planning for a secure retirement. We believe un-conflicted, impartial financial and investment principles should be a cornerstone of life skills, but the educational system does not by and large teach it. We believe financial and investing skills should be part of the required curriculum at colleges and universities, but that is not wide spread.

Our mission is the following:

  1. Motivate people to learn how to manage their finances and invest wisely.
  2. Help people develop practical financial skills, regardless of their education level of financial condition.
  3. Help them develop an action plan for financial literacy.
  4. Do it for free to the public.

 Financial literacy is crucial to all Americans striving to achieve life goals and dreams. According to testimony by former Treasury Secretary, Paul O’Neill, before the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs during the Bush years,“Ownership, independence, and access to wealth should not be the privilege of a few. They should be the hope of every American. Financial literacy is an essential tool to make that hope a reality.”

 We agree. This is why we are currently preparing partnerships with leading individuals and organizations who wish to participate and contribute to improving financial and investment Literacy. THE MONEYCULTURE INITIATIVE offers a robust platform of online courses, classes and comprehensive resources in all media forms which are available 24/7. We are proud to be unbiased and product-neutral. MoneyCulture is designed around captivating, multi-media methodology employing unique educational presentation components at www.moneyculture.org.

 We pledge to utilize our business, financial, academic and professional contacts to launch and Grow a MOVEMENT which will improve the education level of all people about financial matters.

 We seek your help.