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Wall Street Madness

College Basketball Madness is upon us. Men’s college basketball tourney time is the greatest spectacle in sports and is the second
biggest wagering venue (behind the NFL.) It has inextricable ties to Wall Street because there you found the biggest office pool in
history. Ever. And it ran nearly year-round for years until the Feds supposedly broke it up about 15 years ago.

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Whithier Oil 2010

It seems like every summer I write about the price of gasoline. It is no coincidence that the months when consumer demand is the highest see the highest prices for gasoline, but don’t blame the gas station owners or franchisees. Big Oil companies, Wall Street speculators, and middle eastern sheikdoms drive the price of oil.

Back in March oil was $37.00 a barrel. On Friday, June 5 it briefly touched $70 to drop a few pennies and settle around $69. Usually we talk about markets ...

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